On Relocation

When AB’s term as Vice President ended in 1805 he had very few options. Between his handling of the Hamilton affair and the machinations of the Virginia mafia , he was personna non grata in Washington. He couldn’ t really go home to New York either, because he could be extradited to New Jersey to face murder charges, and his debts were mounting, leaving his creditors eager to get their hands on him as well. He wrote of his situation to his son-in-law Joseph Alston:

“In New York I am to be disenfranchised, and in New Jersey hanged. You will not…conclude that I have become disposed to submit tamely to the machinations of a banditti.”

AB was determined to find a place to exercise his many talents legitimately. The American West offered the greatest promise for a man of his circumstance. And off he went, his energies focused on reclaiming his name and reputation as a man who could get things done.

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