As a Realist

Aaron Burr’s wit and wisdom live through the ages. He called it like he saw it and was a great friend of irony.

“Every man likes his own opinion best.”

“I learned in the Revolution, in the society of gentlemen, and I have since observed for myself, that a man who is guilty of intentional bad manners, is capable of crime.”

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As a Loyal Friend

Regarding friendship, trust, loyalty – things often denied him, but which he freely gave.

“Thomas Morris has entreated in such terms that I would devote this day and night to certain subjects of the utmost moment to him, that I could not, without the appearance of unkindness, refuse. He would, I know, at any time, devote a week or month, on like occasion, to serve me. How, then, could I refuse him one day? I could not.”

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As a Concerned Citizen

From various letters to friends, family, associates and luminaries of the time.

“I am, therefore, firmly persuaded that, situated as our country now is, a young man of activity and talents has the best chance for health, fortune, and honour by entering the navy.”

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As a Believer

As the grandson of Calvinist theologian Johathan Edwards, and son of a Presbyterian minister Aaron Burr, Sr., people often called him a rebel to his strict puritan upbringing. His own words reveal his faith.

“I think that God is a great deal better than people suppose. I, at least, am a believer in his goodness.”

“This may be law, but it is not Christian charity!”

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